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The CheckOut feature makes it easy to examine and/or run files in an archive.  It creates a temporary folder, extracts all files from the archive into the folder, creates entries in the Programs menu for the extracted items, and opens a My Computer-style window showing shortcuts to the files in the folder.  Double click any item in the window to perform the action normally associated with the document or program (associations are described in the section titled Windows Associations). IZArc will optionally close the window and delete the temporary folder (and the extracted files) when you close the archive or close IZArc.


CheckOut Dialog Box

Use the CheckOut toolbar button or the CheckOut entry in the Actions menu to activate the CheckOut dialog box.  This dialog box lets you configure these aspects of the operation:


    Use the Folder edit field to specify the temporary CheckOut folder name.  The folder will be created if it does not already exist.  The suggested folder depends on the setting of the CheckOut base folder in the Folders tab of the Configuration dialog box.

    Use the Group name edit field to specify the name to use for the CheckOut window.


    The Create icons for programs and documents only check box lets you control whether IZArc creates icons for all files in the archive or only for the specified files.  When this option is selected, icons are created for executable files and files with associations.