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If you ever used the Internet, you've probably encountered archive files like Zip, Rar, Arj etc.

IZArc is the way to handle these archived files. It's both powerful and very fast.


IZArc includes tight integration with My Computer and Windows Explorer.  Drag and drop to or from Explorer, or zip and unzip without leaving Explorer.


IZArc is extremely easy to use! To open an archive simply double click (or, you're working in Web style, click once) on an archive listed in My Computer or the Windows Explorer, drag and drop an archive onto IZArc, or use the standard Open dialog box. The main IZArc window features a list with the names, and sizes of all files in the open archive. This list can be scrolled and sorted on any field. A configurable tool bar provides fast access to commonly used actions.

Extensive context sensitive help is always available.


The Windows Drag and Drop interface is fully supported. You can drag and drop files from IZArc to other applications, or just into Windows Explorer to extract them into a specific directory. IZArc will extract the files before dropping them on the target application. The target application will treat the files as if they had been dropped from My Computer or the Windows Explorer. You can also drop archives on IZArc to open them, or drop files on IZArc to add them to an opened or new archive.