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IZArc features secure encryption in form of .ize files. By using the encryption tool, you can secure any data on your computer with the new AES Standard Rijndael.

IZArc uses 256 bit encryption.


Explanation of the options:


· Standard File - select the file that is going to be encrypted.


· Encrypted File - this should be name and location of your future encrypted file.


After you have selected the options, you can click on "Encrypt" button to finish the process and encrypt file.

IZArc will then ask you for a password and you will have to enter it 2 times. Please note that it is very IMPORTANT that you do not forget your password. You will NOT be able to use the file if you forget the password. There is no way you could recover a forgotten password.

IZArc does not compress data in ize files. It is recommend using ize together with archive format of your choice for best results.