Extract Files

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When you extract files, IZArc decompresses and places them in the folder you specified. If the archive was packed with paths, it restores the folders and retains the structure of any sub folders.


To extract files select Extract from the Actions menu or click on the Extract speed button in the toolbar. The shown dialog allows you to set different options and the folder where you would like IZArc to extract the files.


Another way to extract files is dragging files from IZArc Window directly to the Desktop or to Windows Explorer.


Detailed Options Overview


· Options:


· Confirm File Overwrites - prompts user to confirm overwriting the existing files.


· Restore Original Folders - restores the original folders of the compressed files.


· Restore File Attributes - restores the file attributes of the compressed files.


· Open Folder After Extraction - when checked, opens the folder that you extracted to when complete.


· Extract:


· Selected Files - extracts only files that are selected in the main IZArc window.


· All Files - extracts all files within the archive.


· Date Attributes:


· File Date - set extracted files date using date stored in the archive.
· System Date - set extracted files date using the systems date/time.
· Max File Date - set extracted files date using the date from the newest file in the archive.