Favorite Folders

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About Favorite Folders:


The "Favorite Folders" feature organizes Archive files into one convenient list that is sorted by date, making it easier to locate all Archive files, regardless of where they came from or where they are stored.


Using the Favorite Folders Dialog Box:


Click the Favorites button on the toolbar or select Favorite Folders from the File drop-down menu to activate this facility.


You can easily add and remove folders from your list of "Favorite Zip Folders" using the Options button. To open an Archive file, select it and click Open, or simply double click on the Archive file.


Click Search to search for Archive files in other folders.


To add folders to your Favorite Folders:


To add a folder to the list of Favorite Folders, click the Options button in the Favorite Folders dialog and then click Add a Favorite Folder.  In the resulting folder-browsing dialog, select the desired folder and click OK.


Here's another way to add folders to the list: click the Search button in the Favorite Folders dialog box, select the type of search you want, and click OK. Select an Archive file and click Open, or double click the Archive file.


IZArc can be configured to handle the folder in one of three ways: it can automatically add the folder to your Favorite Folders, it can ask if you want to add the folder to the Favorite Folders, or it can skip adding the folder to the Favorite Folders. You can change this section by clicking Options in the Favorite Folders dialog.