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To install IZArc, just double click on the IZArc_Setup.exe file or select the Run… option from the taskbar Start Menu and type: "PATH\IZArc_Setup.exe" replacing PATH with the full path to the setup file.


The Setup program will issue a number of prompts.  Unless you have a reason to override the defaults it is strongly recommended that you accept the installation default settings (just press OK, Yes, or Next, as appropriate).



· If you want to install IZArc in silent mode just run IZArc installation with /SILENT and /NOCANDY switches e.g. C:\IZArcSetup.exe /SILENT /NOCANDY
· Additional parameters can be used to set the IZArc interface language and some archive file associations:

/Language="French" (use the name of the language file without the file extension .lng)