Translate IZArc in your language


If you want to translate IZArc in your language, you have to do a few simple things:


1. Take a beer, cup of coffee or a coke. :))

2.  In IZArc installation directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\IZArc) locate the folder named "Languages". In this folder there is a file named "English.lng" (without quotes). Open this file in Notepad or some other text editor and translate all text in every line after "=" symbol.


(i.e. Translate all text in blue color


[MainForm] <<<--- Don't translate this lines


MainForm.tbNew.Hint=Create a New Archive


MainForm.tbOpen.Hint=Open an Existing Archive


MainForm.tbAdd.Hint=Add Files to Archive






Also, make sure the length of the translated text is not too long (make it as long as the English text).


Note: The Item "Language" in "Options" Menu is always in English.


3. Save the translated file in IZArc language folder as "XXXXX.lng" where XXXXX is the name of your language (i.e. "German.lng"). Then open IZArc and from the

"Options ->Language" menu select your language.

Open all IZArc forms to see if the translated text is correct and it is not too long.


4. Send us the translated file to include it in the next version of IZArc.