ABBYY Lingvo Activation

If you did not use an Installation Floppy Disk to install ABBYY Lingvo, you need to activate the dictionary. The Activation Wizard will help you activate ABBYY Lingvo within minutes.

The wizard will use information about your hardware to generate an Installation ID code. This ID code does not contain any personal information which could be used to identify you, but is merely used to activate ABBYY Lingvo on the PC on which the program is installed.

Activation methods

Important! Before you start the activation process, please insert the CD-ROM disk labelled "Disk 1/2" in the CD-ROM drive.

Via the Internet

Activation is carried out automatically and takes only a few seconds. An Internet connection is required for this type of activation.

By e-mail

You can also send an e-mail message, which is generated by the program and contains all the necessary activation information, to ABBYY.
Important! To ensure a quick reply from the automated activation system, do not alter the information in the message body or Subject field.

Enter the Activation Code received from ABBYY in the corresponding field of the Activation Wizard.

Important! ABBYY Lingvo can be re-installed on one and the same computer an unlimited number of times without re-activation. However, if you make major upgrades, format your hard drive, or re-install the operating system, an additional activation may be required.


An Activation Code can also be obtained form the ABBYY Registration and Activation Service.

  Important! An Activation Code contains 96 characters and may take some time to dictate over the telephone.