Bookshelf and Dictionary Groups

The Bookshelf displays the dictionaries of the currently selected dictionary group.

Enabling/disabling dictionaries

You can enable and disable dictionaries on the Bookshelf so that they are used/not used for full-text searches. A dictionary that is used for full-text searches is called active.

To enable a dictionary on the Bookshelf:

To enable/disable all the dictionaries in a group, select the Enable All Dictionaries or Disable All Dictionaries command in the local menu of the Bookshelf.

Important!  Only enabled dictionaries are used for looking up words and phrases and for full-text searches.

Order of dictionaries on the Bookshelf

The order of dictionaries on the Bookshelf is set when creating a group. This order will be used to display the cards in which the search word or phrase has been found.

To rearrange the dictionaries on the Bookshelf: