Using the Phrase Books

ABBYY Lingvo includes five phrase books which provide translations for most commonly used day-to-day phrases. The phrase books provide translations from Russian into the following five languages:

For the sake of convenience, the phrases are grouped under topics which are displayed in the table of contents.

Each phrase book has about 500 entries which provide translations for phrases commonly used when meeting people, ordering a meal in a cafe, buying a ticket, etc.

The structure of the phrase books

The root entry is _РАЗГОВОРНИК, which links to the major entries such as Встреча, Хобби, Погода, etc.

Show me the _РАЗГОВОРНИК entry
Phrase book entries include a Russian sentence and its translations into the target language. Sometimes variants are provided.
Show me a phrase book entry

Using the phrase books

You can use the phrase books just like any other dictionary on the Bookshelf. To find a translation for a phrase, do one of the following:

  1. Make sure that the right phrase book is currently enabled on the Bookshelf and try translating your phrase in ABBYY Lingvo,
  2. Open the root entry _РАЗГОВОРНИК of the corresponding phrase book, find the topic which may contain the phrase or a phrase similar to it. This way of browsing the phrase book is particularly convenient if you do not know how exactly the idea is formulated in the phrase book.

Note: To open the root entry, double-click the word _РАЗГОВОРНИК in the word list.