Lingvo Toolbar

The Lingvo toolbar contains the buttons for the most commonly used commands: Translate, Create/Edit Card in a user dictionary, Find, etc.

Show me the Lingvo toolbar



Translate (Enter)

Translates the word or phrase you typed in the search field.

Create/Edit Card... (Ctrl + Num+)

Opens the Create/Edit Card dialog box where you can create and edit cards in your user dictionaries.

Find Text from Search Field (Ctrl+F)

Carries out a full-text search in the enabled dictionaries of the current translation direction.

Show Word Forms (Ctrl+W)

Displays the grammatical forms of the word you typed in the search field, depending on the source language.

Close Temporary Cards (Shift+Esc)

Closes all temporary cards (i.e. cards for which the button is disabled).

Always on Top (Ctrl+T) Snaps the ABBYY Lingvo window to the desktop so that you always see it even when you switch to other applications.