Dictionary Card Window

In the Dictionary Card window, you can create and edit cards.

 Show me the Dictionary Card window

You can switch between the full and brief views of the Dictionary Card window by clicking More  >> and Less <<.


The Word field is the field where you type the word or phrase you wish to add into the dictionary.


The Translation field contains the translation of the word or phrase typed in the field above.

The button (Translate in ABBYY Lingvo) opens the corresponding cards from ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries.


The Save button saves the changes you have made to the card.


The Cancel button closes the Dictionary Card window without saving the changes.


The button (Word Forms) displays the grammatical forms of the current word.


The button (Sound) plays the pronunciation of the current word or phrase. The button is enabled only if the word or phrase was added from an ABBYY Lingvo card which had the sound facility.


The Transcription field displays the transcription of the current word or phrase.



The Card status field shows the status of the card of the current word or phrase. You can change the status by clicking on the arrow to the right.


The Example field contains illustrative examples for the current word or phrase.