Bookshelf. Working with dictionaries.

Working with dictionaries

Every attached dictionary has its own button on the Lingvo Bookshelf. To make a dictionary active/inactive just click its button on the Lingvo Bookshelf. The words of active dictionaries are used for translation and full-text searches.

To attach/detach system dictionaries:

  1. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs
  2. In the opening window, select ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 Popular Dictionary and click Change. This starts the Lingvo InstallShield Wizard
  3. Select Change and click Next. 
  4. In the opening Custom Setup dialog, select the dictionaries you wish to install, click Next and follow the program’s instructions.

Attaching/detaching user dictionaries

You can place a *.lud user dictionary on the Bookshelf. The added user dictionary is used in the full-text search as well as system dictionaries.

Your user dictionary will be automatically added to the set of dictionaries of the same translation direction. 

If there are no dictionaries of the same language combination as that of your user dictionary, a new Bookshelf will be created. The new languages will be added to the list of available languages.

Note: The current language is not changed when you add a new dictionary, so you may have to switch to the respective Bookshelf to see your new dictionary. To do this, select your new dictionary’s source language on the Language bar.

To attach a user dictionary:

To detach a user dictionary:

Note: You can make all the dictionaries on the Bookshelf active/inactive. Right-click on the Bookshelf and select Enable all dictionaries/Disable all dictionariesfrom the local menu.

Priority of dictionaries

The place of a dictionary on the Lingvo Bookshelf is important. When displaying cards with translations, Lingvo first will show cards from the first dictionary to the left, then from the second dictionary to the left, etc.

To move a dictionary on the Bookshelf:

  1. Hold down the ALT key and click on the button of the dictionary you want to move.
  2. Drag the dictionary to a new place.
  3. Release the mouse button.