Translating words and phrases from other applications
(Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Notepad etc.)

To translate a word or a phrase:

You will see one of the following:

  1. A card with suggested translations of the selected word or phrase. 
    This is the most common result you will get when translating single words and short phrases.
  2. Additional cards that may contain translations of various word-forms of the query word, translations of words from the selected phrase, or translations of parts of this phrase. All these cards will be generated in response to your query – the longer the phrase, the larger the number of cards that may be generated.
  3. Translations window containing a list of card-headings corresponding to your query. This window is displayed when more than three cards have been found in response to your query. 
    You can open any of these cards by clicking on their headings.
  4. Suggestions window with words similar to your query. This window is displayed if the required word or phrase has not been found in any Lingvo dictionary.
  5. The message "No entries found for query..." if there is no separate card for your query word or phrase.
  6. If no translations have been found, you may get a message asking you to choose another translation direction. This message is displayed if Lingvo has been unable to detect the source language of your query when translating from another application.


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