Translation from a Foreign language

Suppose you need to translate the following Russian sentence into English:


Ожидается, что во втором квартале цены на нефть вырастут, так как страны-члены ОПЕК пообещали снизить уровень добычи.


We start by opening the cards of the words we wish to translate. Whenever we are not sure about how to translate a word combination, we can perform a full text search to see if such a word combination occurs somewhere in the dictionary entries. For example:


  1. We see that ожидается does not have a separate entry in the dictionary, but we can perform a full text search. We can ask Lingvo to find the exact match for ожидается or even for ожидается, что by going to Tools>Options>Search where we have to uncheck the option Find all word forms.  After we have performed a full text search  () we see that ожидается, что translates as It’s expected that/Smth. Is expected to…

  2. We open the card for второй квартал and translate it as second quarter.

  3. We perform a full-text search for цены на нефть and see from the examples that it translates as oil prices or the price of oil. Note that you might wish to tweak search criteria in Tools>Options>Search to find all the occurrences of цены на нефть in Lingvo.

  4. We open the cards for the other words we wish to translate.


Now we can combine the results and translate the whole sentence into English:


Oil prices are expected to go up in the second quarter because OPEC countries have pledged to cut production.