"Options" dialog - "General" tab

Option name

Option description

Interface language You may choose either Russian or English. System menus and dialogs are displayed in the language you specified in this dialog box. To change the language, select it from the list, click OK and restart Lingvo.
Display card with references and examples If this check box is selected, a full card including examples, set phrases, synonyms, etc. is displayed.
Copy the Word List item to Edit Line during Word List browsing If this box is checked, the program will copy the selected Word List item to the Edit Line when browsing the Word List
Synchronize Word List language and keyboard layout If this box is checked, the translation direction is set as your current keyboard layout.
Display Lingvo icon on taskbar If you check/uncheck this box, you can show/hide the Lingvo icon on the Toolbar.
Close all temporary cards when switching to another application If you check this box, you make Lingvo close all temporary cards and some dialogs (the Search window, the Translations window, the Card History window and the Suggestions window) automatically when you switch to another application.
Hide Lingvo when minimized The option is available only when the option Display Lingvo item on task bar is checked. When minimizing Lingvo main window its icon is not shown in the list of active applications on the task bar.
Group "Languages used to detect the word's language when translating from other applications"
Working pair of languages only This box is checked by default. 
When translating a word or a phrase in another application Lingvo uses only languages of the current translation direction.
All the languages of active dictionaries of Lingvo 

If this box is checked, Lingvo will use all the languages of all active dictionaries when detecting the language and searching for translation of the text from any application with the help of the Magic Keys - CTRL+Ins+Ins or CTRL+C+C.