Messages about corrupted index files

To be able to perform full-text searches in user dictionaries, Lingvo builds an index for each user dictionary you attach. If the index becomes physically corrupted (this may happen if you temporarily ran short of free disk space), you need to rebuild the index. Simply remove the corrupted index files from your system and Lingvo will rebuild the index when you enter your new query.

To delete the corrupted index:

If you click No button, the index won't be deleted. In that case you won't be able to use full-text search.

You can delete the corrupted index by using the following Lingvo system options:

  1. Select Languages & Dictionaries... from the Tools menu.
  2. Click Index Update button in the Languages & Dictionaries... dialog box.
    The corrupted index will be deleted. Lingvo will rebuild the index for all attached custom dictionaries.