Arrange Cards CTRL+A

Arranges open cards so that all headings are visible.

Close Temporary Cards SHIFT+ESC

Closes all non-permanent cards. To make a card permanent, click the button in the left upper card corner.

Close All Cards SHIFT+F4

Closes all cards either temporary or permanent.

Last Search Results

Opens "Search" window displaying the previous search results.

History... CTRL+H

Opens the "Card History" window displaying the list of all opened cards, as well as search or translate queries issued during the current Lingvo session.

Always on top CTRL+T

Keeps the Lingvo Main window above all other windows at all times.

Language bar

Lingvo toolbar where current translation direction (source language and translation language) is displayed.

Dictionary bar

Shows the bookshelf with buttons of all attached dictionaries. An attached dictionary can be active or inactive. You can activate or deactivate a dictionary by clicking its button on the Dictionary Toolbar. The entries of an active dictionary are used in translation and full-text search.


Displays the Lingvo toolbar.