Your bank statement's starting balance doesn't match your Money file's starting balance

Note: To perform this advanced task, you must be using the Advanced Account Register. To find out which register you're using, look for the Essential Register or Advanced Register label in the upper-right corner of the account register.

If you are having difficulty matching the starting balance in one of your Money accounts to the balance shown on your bank statement , try the following solutions.

If you've set up online account updates or online services for a bank account, a credit card account, or a cash account for an investment, Money can automatically adjust the account balance to match the balance shown on your bank or brokerage statement. First, you'll need to accept all downloaded statement transactions for the account before Money can automatically adjust your account balance.

 Automatically adjust an account opening balance to match the bank's balance

If you want to investigate the discrepancy yourself, try using the following methods:

 See if the amount of a reconciled transaction has changed since the last time you balanced your account
 See if the opening balance has changed in Money
 Check to see if a reconciled transaction has been deleted