Add an MSN alert for the first time
To add an MSN alert, you must sign in by using a Windows Live ID.
  1. Go to the Alerts center
  2. Under MSN Alerts, click Sign up for MSN Alerts, or, if you are not already signed in with a Windows Live ID, click Sign in with a Windows Live ID, and then follow the instructions.
  3. Choose what kind of alerts you want to receive:
    • For alerts about ticker symbols that are in your MSN Stock List, under Stock Alerts, click quick setup.
    • For alerts about other ticker symbols, under Stock Alerts, click custom alert.
    • For alerts that provide information about your accounts , under Account Alerts, click accounts.
    • For alerts that deliver financial news and commentary, under E-mail, click Subscribe now.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.


You can return to the MSN Alerts Settings page at any time to add, edit, or remove alerts. To find the settings page, on the Tools menu, click Alerts Center, and then click Sign up for MSN Alerts.