About customers, vendors, and payees

In Money, a payee is any individual or business that money goes to or comes from. You can store payee information such as the address, phone number, and transaction history in the Categories & Payees area. Money uses this data to track how much of your money goes to or comes from a specific business or person.

You can identify business payees as either customers, vendors, or both. You can enter information such as the usual sales tax rate, payment terms, shipping method, and so on for each payee. Money uses this information to simplify creating or printing invoices. Money also tracks the status of customer invoices (fully paid, partially paid, past due, and so on).

To view lists of customers and vendors, click Banking, click Account Tools, and then click Categories & Payees. Then, in the left pane, click Payees. You can fill in payee details, add new payees to the list, or remove them from the list. You can also add customers as you create invoices.

You can also access payee information from the Money electronic address book, Money Contact Manager. You can quickly see customer or vendor details without having to open Money. You can easily bring Money Contact Manager up to date by synchronizing it with Money.