Synchronize Money Contact Manager with Money
You can synchronize the Money Contact Manager with your list of customers and vendors in Money so that you don't have to enter the information twice. Synchronizing adds the existing Money Contact Manager entries to the list of payees, and adds the Money payees categorized as customers and vendors to the Money Contact Manager.
  1. Click Banking, click Account Tools, and then click Categories & Payees.
  2. In the left pane, click Payees.
  3. In the left pane, under Contact Manager, click Synchronize Data.
  4. If Money finds differences between the payee list and the Money Contact Manager, it will display each item that is different. For each item, select the option you want, and then click Next.
    • Use latest information. Keep the entry that has the latest date and time in the Modified row.
    • Use Contact Manager information. Replace the entry (payee) you made in Money with the contact you added to Money Contact Manager.
    • Use Money payee information. Replace the entry (contact) you made in Money Contact Manager with the one (payee) you added in Money.
    • Delete both. Delete both the payee and the contact from both Money and Money Contact Manager.
    • Skip this time only. Leave the differences as they are, but Money will ask you about them again the next time you synchronize the Contact Manager and Money.
    • Skip and don't ask again. Leave the differences as they are. Money will never again ask you about these items in any future synchronizing.
  5. After you select an option for the last item, click Finish.