Change Money from U.S. to Canadian settings
You can customize Money to use Canadian settings and to use the Canadian dollar as the base currency.
  1. On the Tools menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Program settings.
  3. Under Currency, click Update Currencies.
  4. Under Country/Region, click Canada, and then click Set as Base Currency.
  5. Click Yes, which closes Money.

    Canadian settings will take effect the next time you start Money.


For the settings to take effect, you must have Windows Regional Options set to English (Canada). For more information on Regional Options, see Help.


It is possible that Money will display some United States content (such as information on U.S. taxes) when the Canadian dollar is set as the base currency. If this happens, try changing the Country/Region setting to United States, and then back to Canada again.

Follow the instructions above, but in step 4, click United States (instead of Canada). Then repeat the instructions above as written (in step 4, click Canada). You'll need to restart Money each time you go through these steps.