Convert a transaction to or from a foreign currency
If you enter a transaction in a foreign currency, Money can convert the transaction amount into another currency. For example, if you reside in the United States and make a purchase in Canada, you can convert the cost of the purchase into U.S. dollars.

Note: To perform this advanced task, you must be using the Advanced Account Register. To find out which register you're using, look for the Essential Register or Advanced Register label in the upper-right corner of the account register.

  1. Click Banking, and then click Account List.
  2. Click the name of an account.
  3. Click New, and then enter payee and date information.
  4. In the Amount box, enter the amount of foreign currency you spent or received.
  5. Right-click the Amount box, and then click Currency Converter.
  6. In the Transaction currency box, select the currency you're converting from.
  7. To view the current exchange rate, click one of the options under Display exchange rate as.
  8. In the Exchange rate box, you can:
    • Use the current exchange rate as displayed.

      - or-

    • Enter the exchange rate used at the time you made the purchase or exchanged money.
  9. Click OK, and then click Enter.