Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly access and use features without using a mouse.

To Press
Copy text CTRL+C
Insert today's date in the Date field CTRL+D
Create a scheduled payment or deposit from a selected transaction in the account register CTRL+E
Find a transaction CTRL+F
Find and replace CTRL+H
Open the Windows Calculator CTRL+K
Mark a transaction as cleared CTRL+M
Create a new file CTRL+N
Open a file CTRL+O
Print CTRL+P
Split a transaction CTRL+S
Switch between the Top Line Only and All Transaction Details views in the account register CTRL+T
Cut text and place on clipboard CTRL+X
When entering a new transaction in a register, use information from the same field in the previous transaction CTRL+Y
In the account register, undo delete CTRL+Z
Go to the same field in the previous transaction in the account register CTRL+UP ARROW
Go to the same field in the next transaction in the account register CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Go to the account list CTRL+SHIFT+A
Go to the Bills summary page CTRL+SHIFT+B
Go to Categories & Payees List CTRL+SHIFT+C
Go to Portfolio Manager CTRL+SHIFT+I
Mark a transaction as Reconciled (R) in the account register CTRL+SHIFT+M
Go to Planning CTRL+SHIFT+P
Go to Reports CTRL+SHIFT+R
Go to Tax Center CTRL+SHIFT+T
Open Help pane F1
Find and replace F3
Open or close selected drop-down list F4
Refresh the Web browser F5
Switch focus between the toolbar and the main window F6
Convert an amount to a foreign currency when the insertion point is in an amount field F8
Switch focus to or from feedback pane in account register F9
Go to Money home page ALT+HOME
Undo last typing ALT+BACKSPACE or CTRL+Z
Close Money ALT+F4
Increase a date by one Plus sign (+)
Decrease a date by one Minus sign (–)
Cancel changes ESC