Close an account in the Portfolio Manager
After you close a Portfolio Manager account, you will no longer see it displayed in the Portfolio Manager , but you can still choose to display information about the closed account, and the Portfolio Manager will retain the account's history.
  1. Go to the Portfolio Manager.
  2. In the left pane under Common tasks, click Work with accounts, and then click Change account settings.
  3. In the Change settings for list, choose the account you want to close.
  4. Select the This account has been closed check box.
  5. Optional: Transfer open positions to a new or existing account.
    1. In the Account list, type a new account name or choose an existing account, choose the date of the transfer, and then click Next.
    2. Follow the instructions on the screen.


If you want to permanently delete the history of an account, delete the account instead of closing it.