Review downloaded investment transactions
After you use online updates from your brokerage to bring your accounts up to date, review the new transactions from your brokerage to make sure they're correct and aren't duplicates of transactions you entered yourself.
  1. Click Banking, and then click Account List.
  2. Next to the investment account you want to review, click Transactions to read.

    If you don't see this link, you may need to download statements or receive online updates, or you may not have any new transactions. For more information, see the Related topics below.

  3. Review the list of transactions, and then click Next.
  4. If Money asks whether you already track a particular investment in your portfolio, do one of the following:
    • If you already track the investment in a Money investment account, select This investment is already in my investment portfolio with a different name.
    • If you don't track the investment in Money, select Add this as a new investment in my investment portfolio.
  5. For each transaction, do one of the following:
    • To add a transaction to the account register , click Next.
    • To prevent the transaction from being added to the account register (because it was added earlier or because the information is wrong), click Void Transaction.
    • To decide later whether to add the transaction to the account register (perhaps because you want to research the transaction with your broker), click Postpone.
  6. If you have new transactions in an associated cash account, mark each transaction as a match to an existing transaction or as a new transaction, or postpone the transaction to review later.
  7. On the Review investment holdings page, click Next.
  8. If Money warns you that your downloaded investment holdings don't match the holdings recorded in your Money account, do one of the following:
    • To use the downloaded information on your positions, click Yes, update my positions as indicated below.
    • To use the information previously entered in Money, click No, do not update my account. You should then adjust your positions by adding individual transactions that match the final positions reported by your brokerage. If you don't adjust your positions, you will receive a similar message every time you download information from your brokerage because your Money accounts won't match what's actually in your account.