Enter a debt with a no-interest, no-payment period
If you buy something on credit with no payments or interest due for a period of time, enter the debt in the Debt Reduction Planner. Follow these instructions to take advantage of the no-interest period and wait until just before interest starts accruing to pay off the entire debt.
  1. Click Planning, and then in the left pane, click Debt Reduction Planner.
  2. If you see the Continue button, click it to display your debt reduction plan or to create a plan if you haven't set one up.
  3. Click New Account, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
    • If you are entering a credit card, in the Is this account a credit card or a charge card dialog box, choose Credit card, and don't select the Always pay entire balance each month check box.
    • In the What is the interest rate for this account dialog box, enter 0. Select the An introductory rate is in effect check box, enter the date the no-interest period ends, and then enter the interest rate that will go into effect on that date.
  4. Complete the rest of the fields, and then click Finish.
  5. Under Debt Accounts Not in Debt Plan, click the account you just created, and then click Move Up.
  6. Under Accounts in Debt Plan, click the account again, and then click Edit Debt Info.
  7. Select the Pay balance each period check box, click OK, and then click Next.
  8. In the Making a One-time, Extra Payment box, enter any amount you've set aside for this bill or add that amount to any amount you've already entered as a one-time extra payment on your other debts.
  9. Click Next twice, and then click Finish.


If you can't pay the debt in full when the no-interest period ends, click the account name, and then click Edit Debt Info. Clear the Pay balance each period check box, and change the other account information. The Debt Reduction Planner will now treat this debt like any other, with regular payments due until paid off.