About security in Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business

Money has taken steps to help keep your financial information safe and under your control so that when you use Money, you can experience all the convenience of online finances without worry.

Securing your Money file with a Windows Live ID

When you sign in to Money with a Windows Live ID, your financial information is password-protected. Windows Live ID uses industry-standard security technologies to encrypt your password and e-mail address whenever they are transmitted over the Internet. This helps protect your Money information from unauthorized access and helps keep your online financial information secure. It's easy to use, and if you forget your password, Windows Live ID can help you set a new password, after first verifying your identity with a secret question that you create. To learn more about security and privacy with Windows Live ID, read the Windows Live ID Privacy Statement

Securing your Money file with a standard password

If you choose not to use a Windows Live ID, you can still create a standard password to help protect your Money file. However, if you forget your standard password, you will lose access to your Money data, and there won't be any way to recover it. For that reason, be sure to record your standard password in a safe place.

To learn more, read the MSN Privacy Statement.


The MSN Privacy Statement does not apply to Web sites you view from within Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business that are not part of msn.com. Security and privacy for those sites depends on the Web site provider.