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Personal information


Name Prefix

Enter the salutation or title you want to use later in messages. Typical ones are Mr, Frau, Dr.


Name Suffix

Enter any add-on for someone's name. Especially useful for countries in which first names are inherited from elders: George Bush Jr.



Check this and put in your contact's birthday.

Note: The Bat! can be set up to remind you of birthdays during start-up.

Tip: Use the provided calendar for month and day only; it is much easier and faster to fill in the year manually.



Telephone numbers



Put in the private phone number.



If available you can enter the private fax number.



The place for your contact's mobile number.



Home location


The entries are self-explanatory. Remember that this tab is for a person's non-business information.



Personal Web Homepage

Put in the URL of your contact's private Web site. You can go there directly by clicking Go.



Note: Any information in an address book entry can later be retrieved by macros in templates to automate composition or filter tasks.

Note: Fields can be "recylced" - by clever use of address book fields and %ABnnnPPP template macros and a little imagination, you can store and retrieve any kind of information in the address book.