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First/Middle/Last name

Put in your contact's name as you wish.


Nickname (Handle)

For easy access you can define a nickname (or handle) for your contact. If you use it, The Bat! fills in the address automatically when you tab or click out of the address field in the message editor.

Note: The nickname has to be unique.


Display name as

Define how The Bat! shall display the contact's name in the contact list and in message headers.


Display name

Shows how the name will be displayed.



Three choices: Male, female, none.



Select the Address Book Groups the contact belongs to.



Click on Change to put in a porträt of your contact. Preferably, it should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format but other common picture file formats are also supported (like TIFF and BMP).


E-Mail addresses

Enter the e-mail addresses of your contact; each address must be on its own line.

Note: The address in the first line is the default The Bat! uses when you compose an e-mail.


Address Book

If you have more than one Address Book, select the one the contact belongs to.



Note: Any information in an address book entry can later be retrieved by macros in templates to automate composition or filter tasks.

Note: Fields can be "recylced" - by clever use of address book fields and %ABnnnPPP template macros and a little imagination, you can store and retrieve any kind of information in the address book.