Files and directories

Account Files and Directories

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Home Directory - Define the main directory for your account's files. If set to Default it will be a directory in The Bat!'s working directory using the account's name. Additional directories will be created as sub-folders.




By default, encode attachments using - Choose the encoding for your attachments (Base64 MIME standard, or UUencode).


Keep attachment files - You can keep your attachments either within the message or in a separate directory. If set to Separate directory you can manipulate the saved files outside of The Bat!; attached files will be stored in the ATTACH directory in your account's main system folder. Beware: Attachments stored separately from message may not get moved between account folders when you move the message!


Directory - Choose the directory to store file attachments in.  Applicable only if you use Separate directory instead of With message body.


Delete attached files when a message is deleted from Trash folder - If checked, The Bat! will delete any attched file for a message if the message is removed from the Trash. Beware: You may lose important files!


Bind attachments only while sending out mail - This setting allows you to continue working on attachments to messages before sending them. At the point of queueing the message in the outbox, the attachment is finalised and sent.



Message Splitting


The Bat! allows you to automatically split large messages into smaller bits. This is very useful to circumvent single-message size limits, but your correspondent needs The Bat! or an RFC1521, Content-Type : Message/Partial compatible software to put the message together again correctly.


Suggested split size is - Define the size The Bat! will split messages into.


By default, split outbound messages larger than this size - Set the upper size limit of a message before The Bat! splits it.