Mail management

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Message management


Delete received messages from server - Choose this option to let The Bat! delete messages from the server when you receive them. This is the normal behaviour for POP3 to save storage space on the server; necessary to stay within mailbox limits.


Leave messages on server - With this option The Bat! will not delete messages when it gets new messages. This option lets you receive message on two or more systems at different times. Beware that your mailbox limit may be reached and messages rejected by your provider!


Keep messages on server for [ ] days - When you leave messages on the server you can define how long The Bat! shall leave messages on the server. Note: Messages will be deleted on the day after your defined period has passed.


Delete message from server when it is removed from Trash - Any message left on the server will be removed when your local copy has been removed from the Trash.


Receive header only if message size is greater than [ ] K bytes - Useful with slow and very limited dial-ups. Define an upper limit for messages you want to recieve, i.e. on your notebook away from the office.


Delete large messages from server - If you are absolutely sure you will only receive legitimate messages smaller than a given size, you can check this in conjunction with the former option. The Bat! will then ignore messages larger than the defined size and delete them without downloading them to your computer. Beware: You may lose important e-mail with this option checked!



Mail Dispatcher


Message body lines to download with header - Instead of downloading all your messages directly you can use the Mail Dispatcher to sort your mail on the server. Define here how many lines of text The Bat! will download with the headers.


Invoke automatically at each mail check - Check this option and the Mail Dispatcher will pop up at every mail check.


Show all messages left on server - When the Mail Dispatcher is invoked automatically at mail check, this option defines if The Bat! will show all messages on the server or only new ones.



8-bit characters are treated


In case you use characters in your e-mails that are not defined in US-ASCII, like German umlauts or accented characters in French, Spanish, Scandinavian languages etc., you have to define how The Bat! will send them.


Without changes - Choose this option if you never use special characters. Beware: Some older relay servers may scramble or reject your messages if they do contain non-ASCII characters!


as Quoted-printable - This option will produce readable message code with only non-ASCII characters translated into 7-bit code. Very useful when you are not sure your correspondent's e-mail client can decode correctly.


as Base64 - Base64 will encode your entire message. If the recipient's e-mail program does not support Base64 he will not be able to read your mail.