New message - Confirmation

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You can request that your recipient's mail server notify you when your message arrives in the user's mailbox on the server. This is a 'Receipt request'.


To request receipt or reading confirmations for all messages created from a particular account, you may configure the options here, in the Templates->New message page of the Account Properties dialogue.


You can also do this from the Message Editor when writing mail. The Receipt request options may or may not work as described, depending on your recipient's SMTP server software.


You can also request that your recipient notify you when he/she has read your message. This is a 'Reading Confirmation'. When your recipient opens the message and has read it, a dialog displays, asking them to create a confirmation message, depending on their Reading Confirmation Options. The Reading Confirmation Options may or may not work as described, depending on how your recipient's e-mail  software is configured and whether or not it is capable of responding to such a request.


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