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The Folder Menu is the main interface for all folder management functions.


Most of the functions are self evident, and generally apply to the currently selected folder.



Create a new folder. The default shortcut key for this function is <Ins>

New Common Folder...

Create a new common folder. The default shortcut key for this function is <Alt+Ins>


Delete the currently selected folder. You will be given an option to choose how you want to delete the folder (whether to move messages to the Trash folder, remove the message base completely or leave the message base on disk so you can "reconnect" the deleted folder lately)


Open the folder view window to browse the messages in the selected folder


Compress the folder's message base file. The Compress function permanently removes any messages from the message base that were previously marked as deleted.

Mark all messages Read

Mark all messages in this folder as read        


Delete all messages from this folder


Reload the folder index to refresh the message count and contents of the Message List


Re-apply filters to the messages in this folder. You can choose which filter set (Incoming, Read, Replied, Outgoing) you can apply at this point.

Remove duplicates

Scan this folder for duplicate messages and delete them. Duplicate messages must share the same date and ID headers to be processed as duplicate.

Browse deleted messages

Open this folder in a folder view window which lists messages that have been deleted but not yet expunged from the message base.


Purge then compress the message base for this folder.

Check for viruses

Scan all messages in this folder for virus infection

Maintenance Centre

Invoke the Folder Maintenance Centre to perform integrity checking, removing duplicate messages, purging and compressing on multiple folders at once.






Change or review the properties for the folder