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The name of the folder as it appears in the folder hierarchy.


Note: The name is used as the default for the folder's message base sub-directory in Windows. For The Bat! Professional the directories in Windows are encrypted. (You can choose to have your mail base and folders encrypted or not when you install The Bat!. For more information on this security aspect, see the help on security.






the directory where the folder's message base file (MESSAGES.TBB or MESSAGES.EBB for SecureBat!) will be stored. If it is set to <default>, make sure that the folder's name does not contain characters disallowed by the file system ("\", "/", "+", "|", "<", ">", ":"), otherwise you will be asked either to rename the folder or to change the folder's directory.


Note: If you use <default>, The Bat! places the folder in the default folder


Show unread messages on MailTicker™

Any unread messages, in this folder, appear on the MailTicker™.


Use folder-specific print settings

You can control the way messages stored in this folder will be printed by using folder-specific print settings.


Maximum number of stored messages is

Set the maximum amount of messages to keep in the message base.


Note: If the number of messages exceeds this value, earlier messages will automatically be deleted from the message base.


Keep messages in the base for days

The maximum age of a message allowed in the message base.


Note: If a message is older than this, it will be automatically deleted from the message base.


Column settings

Choose the way the folder's columns should be shown as defined by your view modes.


Edit View Mode

Click to bring up the view mode editor.


Copy to ...

Click this to copy the current column settings to any other folder.


Watched by ...

Here you define the virtual folders that watch the folder's messages. You can use this feature to help you filter messages.



On exit


Remove old messages

Marks old messages as deleted but does not remove them permanently from the message base. You need a "Compress" command for that.


Compress the folder

Deletes messages marked for deletion. This is a permanent deletion and you will not be able to retrieve deleted messages once the message base has been compressed.


Beware: With "Remove ..." you can still retrieve your messages if you have only marked them for deletion. if you are in a sensitive or secure environment, you must compress the message base before the deleted messages are permanently discardrd!


Beware: You may lose important messages when compressing a folder, if you have deleted them accidently!



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