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To enter the necessary information to securely authenticate when fetching mail:


1. Go to Account -> Properties
2. Click on the Transport tab
3. Choose Receive Mail
4. Hit the Authentication button


The Bat! supports many authentication schemes; make sure you choose the one your server supports or you may be unaible to fetch your mail. Note: In addition The Bat! Professional supports hardware authentication.


Regular - This authentication mechanism requires an e-mail client to send a username and password to the server; both are sent in clear text, which could theoretically be read when intercepted. It is supported by most POP3 servers.


MD5 &APOP Challenge/Response (RFC-1939) - The Bat! encodes the username and password based upon a random string received from the server. Since the key used to encode is generated anew every time The Bat! connects to the server, the encoded information cannot be cracked.


MD5 &CRAM-HMAC Challenge/Response (RFC-2095) - While APOP requires that both the client and server systems have access to the password in clear, HMAC avoids this.


Token MD-5 CRAM-HMAC Challenge/Response (available in The Bat! Professionalonly) - this is a hardware implementation of the CRAM-HMAC Challenge/Response (RFC-2095) authentication.