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IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) has been designed for accessing e-mail messages directly on a mail server. It allows your e-mail client to remotely access the message store as if it was local. Using IMAP, you are able to manipulate your messages from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while travelling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers.


Note: Authentication works the same for IMAP as for POP3.



IMAP Account


Root folder - set the path to the root folder on your IMAP server. If left empty the default set up by your server's administrator is used.


Pre-defined folders give you the flexibility to change the default folders for Outbox, Sent mail and Trash.  To set up a predefined folder, check the one you want to change and enter the full path to the new folder, e,g, Inbox/Temp for Outbox.

Beware: Don't use a slash "/" at the end of the path!


Automatically connect to server

Choose from the following:

· At startup invoke the Connection Centre automatically for this account when The Bat! is starting.
· When account is selected connect when you switch to your IMAP account. You can just select the account or any of the folders in it.
· For managing folders connect when Manage IMAP Folders dialog is invoked
· By any command enable to stay connected while you are working in your IMAP account. If you close the connection but continue working in the account, you will be connected again. 
· When inactive, disconnect after disconnect when you have not done any work for  a while.


In the Advanced Mail Management dialog you set up your IMAP Mail Management. There is a Deletion tab for setting up deletion settings and an IMAP tab for IMAP related advanced options:


Deletion tab

· Move messages to the Trash folder (default).
· Mark as deleted do not use the Trash folder.
· Move to the specified folder.


Note: You can use the same options for alternative deletion. Use <Shift+Del> or the toolbar button for it.


IMAP tab


The Quick configure drop down list allows you to pick the best setting for your connection.

Example: When you have a fast (DSL) connection it sets the refresh setting to once a minute. For a slow connection it allows you to not refresh at all until invoked manually.


· Retrieve message structures together with message headers - check to have attachments and PGP signatures in the messages preview pane visible.
· When browsing messages, retrieve only message text - check this to only download texts of messages, no attachments.
· Except message smaller than - if checked, you will not download messages smaller than the set size.
· Compress folders when switching to another folder - compresses the folder every time you switch to another.
· Automatically disconnect after synchronisation - use if you want to close your IMAP connection every time after you synchronise messages with the local storage.
· When on-line, refresh folders every - here you can set a period of time after which folders will be synchronised.