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Apart from preventing the user from accidentally opening malicious attachments, The Bat! offers a plug-in interface to make use of third-party anti-virus tools. You have to download and install one before The Bat! can help you to detect viruses and other malware in your messages. RITlabs' Web site can help you to find a plug-in.



Install an anti-virus plug-in


1. Download a plug-in from the Internet; the RITLabs Web site provides you with suitable links
2. Install one or more of the anti-virus plug-ins to your computer
3. Start The Bat!
4. Go to Options->Preferences->Anti-Virus
5. Click the Add button
6. Select the BAV module of the plug-in you wish to install
7. Select Check incoming mail for viruses


Note: To remove a plug-in, select it and click Delete.


More options


Send notification to the sender - enable this to send a reply to the sender using a template.

Note: Most modern viruses fake the sender's address making it unlikely that any message will actually reach the individual whose computer is sending out the infected messages. We strongly recommend that you do NOT use this setting.


Perform this action - choose one of the following:


· Try to cure infected parts

The Bat!'s anti-virus plug-in tries to repair the virus code within a message. If this is not possible, the infected message will be deleted.

· Remove infected parts

The Bat!'s anti-virus plug-in tries to remove the virus code from the message. If this is not possible, the infected file will be deleted.

· Forward the message to self

This may be useful for administrative purposes. It is possible to add accompanying text and change the subject and destination address using templates.

· Delete the message

Deletes the entire infected message

· Move to the Quarantine folder

The Quarantine folder is automatically created when you receive your first infected message. This is useful for avoiding false positives.


Check attachments for viruses before opening them from The Bat! - Select this option to let The Bat! check for infected attachments when you open them.


Check attachments before the user saves them to the disk - Select this option to let The Bat! check every attachment before you save it to disk.


Check outgoing mail for viruses - Protects you from sending out infected messages.



Configuring anti-virus plug-ins


Any plug-in you chose may have further settings which are available through the Configure button to the right of the plug-in list. Refer to the plug-in's documentation for information.



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