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Since sending e-mails is a very cheap way to reach a large number of people - usually millions with no discernible cost at all, so-called "spam" or "junk" mail today accounts for a majority of message's received. To counter this illegitimate form of advertising and the fraudulent scams that go with it, The Bat! offers an interface for small anti-spam plug-in software.



Install anti-spam plug-ins


The Bat! is provided with the BayesIT plug-in to detect spam. You can use this or others available on the Internet. If you have not already done so, install the plug-in of your choice using its set-up routine. Then start The Bat! to set any required options.


1. Go to Options->Preferences->Anti-spam
2. Click on the Add button
3. Choose a TBP-file
4. Click on the Configure button


The plug-in's settings dialog will open.  For an explanation of how to set options, pease refer to the plug-in's documentation.


Note: To remove a plug-in, select it and click Delete.





Of 100 score to be used for actions below - choose between Average, Maximal and Minimal

Note: This setting is important if you have installed more than one anti-spam plug-in. Since they often use differing scoring systems you have to tell The Bat! how to handle messages with different scores. Choose if you want the maximal/minimal score or the average to be used.

Example: Plug-in A gives a score of 50, Plug-in B gives a score of 70. Check "Maximal"  if you want 70 used, "Minimum" for 50, or "Average" for 60.


Delete a message if the score is greater than - defines the minimum amount of points needed before a message should be deleted.


Move a message to the Junk folder if the score is greater than - defines the minimum amount of points needed to automatically move a message to the Junk folder.

Note: The Junk folder is automatically created when you receive your first junk message.



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