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Note: available in Ritlabs The Bat! Professional only


The Security Officer does not need to install each copy of The Bat! Professional - all installation steps can be easily performed by the users. During the installation, a user assigns an ID to The Bat! Professional and this ID will be used for all The Bat! Professional operations. To assign an ID, the user should first select a token and then choose an ID stored on that token. After this assignment has been made, the installation continues.



The Bat! Professional is a small record that is used as a key for transparent, on-the-fly encryption of The Bat! Professional operations. Each ID consists of three components: a 128-bit encryption key, a distinctive User Name and a textual Description. The IDs are stored on hardware security tokens and retrieved from the tokens by The Bat! Professional at start-up. The IDs may also be archived by the Security Officer in the Token Manager ID store file.



The The Bat! Professional installer prompts the user to assign an ID from a token to the newly installed copy. Once installed, The Bat! Professional is permanently tied to the User Name of a specific ID, and it is not possible to reassign another ID to the existing The Bat! Pro. The 128-bit encryption key from the assigned ID is used for on-the-fly encryption of The Bat! Professional operations.



Once the user runs the installer, a window appears that prompts the user to Select Token. The window displays a list of all inserted tokens. In most cases, only one token is inserted, however, the window shows the serial number and the friendly name for each currently inserted token. It helps to more clearly identify the required token and avoid confusion when an inappropriate token has been inserted by accident.



When the user has selected a token from the list, The Bat! Professional displays all of the IDs that were copied to the selected token by the Security Officer. The User Name and the Description of each ID are listed. Please note that the token must contain at least one ID. Whichever ID is selected is then assigned and used to continue the installation. It is extremely important to understand that it is not possible to reassign another ID to the The Bat! Professional after this point so double check carefully when selecting an ID.