Import S/MIME Certificate

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To import certificates from other S/MIME users The Bat! offers three methods.


Method No 1


1. Right-click on the attached certificate
2. Choose Import key or certificate


Note: This feature is only available with The Bat!'s internal implementation.


Method No 2


1. Open the Address Book
2. Select an entry and double-click it
3. Go to Certificates
4. Click Import
5. Browse to the file containing the certificate and select it


Method No 3


1. Open a message containing a certificate
2. View the certificate (double-click)
3. Go to General
4. Click on Add to Address Book


Note: The Bat! supports the following standards in binary and Base64-encoding: Personal Information Exchange - PKCS #12 (developed by RSA Laboratories), Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard - PKCS #7 (conforming to RFC-2630), Netscape Certificate Sequence (proprietary Netscape format), DER-encoded X.509 certificate and PKCS#1 DER-encoded RSA private key.


You can select multiple files in a file open dialog. When importing a private key with a corresponding certificate, the key will automatically be associated with the certificate. Otherwise it will be ignored.