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The Bat! uses its own powerful Address Book to hold your contacts' data. The format used by The Bat! is compatible with vCard (VCF) and LDIF, letting you put in many more than just names and e-mail addresses (see screenshot)



Add a contact


... from the Message View


1. Highlight an e-mail address
2. Click the right mouse button
3. Choose Add to Address Book


... from the Message Editor


1. Fill in an address into of the recipient fields (To, CC, BCC)
2. Press the blue arrow



... from the message list


1. Right-click a message
2. Go to Specials
3. Choose the appropriate Add to Address Book entry


... within the Address Book


1. Open the Address Book (Tools->Address Book or <F8>)
2. Go to Edit->New contact



... through filters


1. Go to the Sorting Office
2. Create a new filter or edit an existing one
3. Choose the Action Capture addresses
4. In the following dialogue select the header fields you want The Bat! to add addresses from
5. Choose an Address Group to which The Bat! adds the e-mail addresses


Note: The first three methods will also allow you to Edit entries if the address you are adding is already known in an existing address book entry.

Tip: It is a good idea to create a group especially for automatically added addresses. Makes editing easier.






1. Go to View->Sort by



1. Click on a column header in the contact list





In the contact list you see a column "Favourite". Tick for any contact you want easy access to in the message editor, the contact will be added to the Favourites menu.





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