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Ensure your privacy with encrypted e-mail; only those people to whose public certificate the message is encrypted to are able to read it.


Beware: Some governments may restrict encryption!

Beware: Although the algorithms used by S/MIME are secure now, there is the possibility that, in the future, S/MIME encryption may become compromised!



Manually encrypting messages



1. Open a new message
2. Fill in the necessary header information
3. Go to Privacy->Enable S/MIME (if not already enabled)
4. Then choose Privacy->Encrypt when Completed



Automatically encrypting messages


1. Go to Account->Properties->Options
2. At the bottom (Message Editor Settings) check Enable S/MIME and Encrypt when Completed


You can also choose automatic signing.


For other methods, take a look at the Templates and Macros chapters.


To encrypt messages you need to have previously imported the recipient's certificate.

Note: Remember to encrypt messages using your own default certificate too, or you will be unable to read the message later.



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