Configuring templates

Configuring templates

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To make composing mail easier, The Bat! provides templates. To get you started right away, The Bat! comes with some basic templates pre-configured.

You can easily change them or define your own templates.


The pre-configured template for a new message:







Best regards,

%FROMFNAME                            mailto:%FROMADDR


As you see, The Bat! uses its own macro language, in which each macro is a variable The Bat! fills in when executed.

In this case the following would be done:


1. Go to Message -> New
2. The message editor opens
3. Put an e-mail address into the From line (example:
4. Click into the message body
5. The Bat! instantly uses the template to fill in:


Hello Stefan,





Best regards,



Your cursor would automatically be at the position defined by the %CURSOR macro.


For more on The Bat! templates and macros, see Templates and Macros.