Import data from other programs

Import data from other programs

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Import messages


The Bat! can easily import messages from other e-mail programs you may use.


1. Go to Tools -> Import Messages -> Mailbox Import Wizard
2. Choose the appropriate program to import from
3. Follow the on-screen instructions


If the desired program is missing from the list:


1. Open your other e-mail program
2. Export all messages into MSG, EML, or MBX files
3. Go back to The Bat! and select Tools -> Import Messages ->

4.  Select message type from #2 above and follow the import instructions


Import address books


First you have to export addresses from your other e-mail program:


1. Open your other e-mail program
2. Export your address book entries to one of the following formats


· vCard
· TXT (tab separated)
· Eudora
· Pegasus


To import the addresses:


1. Open The Bat!
2. Go to Tools -> Address Book
3. Select the address book you wish to import records into
4. Go to File -> Import
5. Select the format you used when you exported from your old address book