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SMTP authentication is usually optional. Ask your ISP or system administrator for the details of SMTP authentication used on the server.

Note: In addition The Bat! Professional supports hardware authentication.


To enter the necessary information to securely authenticate when sending mail:


1. Go to Account -> Properties
2. Click on the Transport tab
3. Choose Send Mail
4. Hit the Authentication button
5. Check Perform SMTP Authentication (RFC 2554)


Use settings of Mail Retrieval - Check this if the username and password for SMTP are the same as for POP3 authentication.


Use specific settings - If you have another username and password for sending e-mail than for receiving, heck this option and enter your username and password. Leave the password field empty to get asked for your password with every mail sending.


Require secure (MD5) authentication - Choose this if your server supports MD5 (encrypted) authentication.


Use "POP before SMTP" authentication - The simplest form of authentication, supported by all SMTP servers. If checked you have to fetch mail before you get access to the SMTP server.


Store password on the token (available in The Bat! Professional only) - With this option only the physical owner of the hardware token has access to the SMTP server. The password is stored encrypted on the token (i.e. a USB-stick or a chipcard) and not retrievable!


Enable Biometric Authentication (available in The Bat! Professional only) - This option requires a biometric token, like a fingerprint scanner, and TLS.


Cache it for (available in The Bat! Professional only) - Set the number of minutes The Bat! Professional shall cache the authentication. Useful if you send mail very often and don't want to re-authenticate every time. Beware: If you are absent from your computer while suthentication is still cached everybody can send mail!