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Manual checking


To check mail for a specific account:


1. Select an account in the account tree (left side)
2. Click the Get New Mail button on the toolbar


Note: In accordance with the respective protocols - POP3 or IMAP - The Bat! behaves differently when you check your mail. With POP3, all of your mail downloadeds to your local computer and is deleted from the server (depending on your settings in the account's properties). For IMAP, all your folders are synchronised and then The Bat! goes off line; this behaviour can be changed to fit your needs in the account properties.


To check mail for more than one account:


1. Go to Tools->Check Mail for All


Note: You can define which accounts will not be checked by The Bat! in the Account Properties->Options window.


To stay on line with an IMAP account:


1. Go to Account->IMAP Commands->Connect to the server



Automatic checking


Checking mail at start-up:


1. Go to Account Properties->Options
2. Choose Check mailbox at startup


Periodical checking


1. Go to Account Properties->Options
2. Choose Periodical checking each
3. Enter the desired interval between mail checks


Scheduled checking


1. Go to Tools->Scheduler
2. Hit <Ins> and enter the desired date and time parameters
3. Click the Action tab

4.  Click the Add button

5.  Select Send/Check Mail

6.  Select the Action (Check for New Mail Only, Send Queued Messages Only, or Check and Send Simultaneously)

7.  Select the Accounts you want to check during this scheduled event

8.  Enable the check box to Connect to the Internet if needed

9.  Enable the check box to Disconnect when all sessions are finished (if desired: useful for dial-up accounts)

10.  Click OK to close the scheduler



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