New Message Template

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The Bat! uses the New message template whenever you create a new message. Once the message editor window opens and you have all the header information (From, To, Subject) filled in correctly, text from the new message template appears in the editor window It is possible to define certain message options for new messages such as:


† Character set
† Confirm Receipt Request.
† Reading Confirmation Request.


Note: You can use these options only for new messages; replies and forwards don't use them. Also, macros, relating to an "original message," don't function and they are replaced by empty strings.


There are other macros which you can use in all message templates (original, reply and forward) to define further options. See the section on Macros for more information.


Within The Bat! you define templates for new messages, replies and forwaded messages in three places: Account Properties, Folder Properties and Address Book entries. The Bat! invokes any Address Book entry level template first, if none is defined, the folder template is used. If there is no folder level template, The Bat! uses the Account level template.



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