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The reply template is used whenever you answer a received e-mail. Text and special options defined through macros in the template appears as soon as you reply to a message. If you subsequently change anything in the message header - the initial text adjusts to reflect the new information unless you have changed the message before editing the header.


If your Reply Template contains the %QUOTES macro the original text will be inserted in your reply with a quote prefix, which is defined in the Sender information used for quotation option in the Account->Properties->Templates->Reply dialog box. Initials is the default setting.

Example (John A. Smith is used as the sender):








First Name


Last Name


First Initial


Full Name

John A. Smith>


Use the %QuoteStyle macro to overridde this. See Macros for more information.


Within The Bat! you can define templates for new messages, replies and forwaded messages in three places: Account Properties, Folder Properties and Address Book entries. There is a hierarchy, The Bat! will invoke any Address Book entry level template first, if none is defined, the folder template is used. If there is no folder level template, The Bat! uses the Account level template.




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